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Where did he hear that?

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I was talking to Rob, one of my brothers, on the phone the other day and he kept asking me to hold on while he reminded his five year old son that if he wanted to go to the store that day before it closed he needed to finish cleaning the toy room. At about the fifth time he was told, this is the conversation I heard over the line:

Rob: Randy, I'm not telling you again!
Randy: Daddy, I really think we need to talk about this.
Rob: There's nothing to talk about. Clean your toy room and we'll go to the store - as long as it hasn't closed, then you are out of luck.
Randy: Daddy, can't we negotiate?

I was visiting at my other brother's house. He has four kids, three girls ages thirteen, twelve and ten and then a four and a half (cause that half is very important) year old boy. My brother and his ten year old daughter were having a discussion, one that my niece was greatly protesting about. Nolan, the four and a half year old, walked by and said to Shawna (the ten year old): "What are you deaf?"

Everyone (including Shawna) broke out laughing, he wasn't saying it to be smart but had obviously had enough of listening to them argue.
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